What is a Green business?

In todays hype “being green” is in. A lot of companies are calling themselves “green” when if fact they are not. Green America.org has a great directory for true Green Businesses.  These companies are screened to make sure they are socially and environmentally responsible businesses.  Always look for the Green America’s Business Seal of Approval.


Green cleaning tip

Cleaning the microwave oven is one of the nastier house cleaning chores. Here is a solution to make that job much easier. 

Pour 1/2 cup vinegar plus 1 & 1/2 cups water into a large microwave-safe bowl. Place bowl in microwave. Set microwave on high. Heat vinegar and water solution in microwave for 5-6 minutes.

Carefully remove the HOT bowl. Wipe down microwave’s interior sides, top, and bottom with cleaning cloth. Even hardened food should wipe up easily now.

Who We Are

Are you suffering from dingy carpet… hallways that look like they belong in a bus station… grubby stains in front of the couch… nasty floor tile grout that won’t come clean… embarrassing upholstery that you can’t afford to replace?

Our mission is to rid you of these problems! And we’ll do it without bringing noxious chemicals into your home. If you need commercial carpet cleaning, we can do the same for your small business. The carpet cleaning industry is rapidly changing. It’s providing new ways of cleaning without the toxins, using up-to-date methods that require very little water. Low moisture carpet cleaning lets you use your carpets again on an average of about two hours after we are done.

Green Homes Carpet Cleaning uses a modern, environmentally friendly carpet cleaning method that is getting rave reviews. The key to its effectiveness is in the pure cotton-fiber scrubbers on our cleaning machine, and our special reagents. Remember the formula: green = cleaner! Also, our cleaners leave no sticky residues behind that can speed the resoiling of your rugs. Read our carpet cleaning page for the low-down on how it works.

We have the chemical angle covered too. Traditionally the carpet cleaning industry has used a host of toxic chemicals to clean carpets and upholstery. Read more on our non toxic carpet cleaning page. With modern chemistry improvements, however, the toxins are unnecessary. Our philosophy puts us in a select group of Massachusetts carpet cleaners. Our service protects not only your children and pets, but also YOU. It’s not okay for adults to be exposed to toxins! Don’t be fooled by immitators that are not using green cleaners.

We clean wall-to-wall carpets, braided rugs, oriental rugs, hand made wool rugs, and berber rugs. We do Persian carpet cleaning. We also have non-toxic odor removers and fiber protectants. Ask about our tile and grout cleaning and carpet and upholstery treatments too.

Green Homes Carpet Cleaning is owner operated and fully insured. We stand behind the quality of our work and guarantee your satisfaction. Call the number above to schedule your cleaning or use the form above to send us an email. Not sure?? Call or email us with your questions. We love questions. We normally answer email within 24 hours on business days, sooner if we can. Let us be your choice for carpet cleaning in Massachusetts.  Our normal service areas in MA are Norfolk, Bristol, Plymouth, Southern Middlesex and Southern Worcester Counties plus Providence, RI and points North. If you need us badly, we can travel a bit further too.